How much does dscout cost?


For the flexibility to run as many projects with as many scouts as needed, we offer annual subscriptions. We can configure a plan that’s right for you based on the number of researchers in your organization, the amount of research you run and the level of support you’d like from us. If you’re conducting more than two or three studies per year, a dscout subscription is the most cost effective and flexible option for you - plus you’ll get access to dscout Live for interviews. You can request a call with our team to discuss our subscription offering here.


If you do not have an active dscout subscription, you have the option to work with us on a pay-per-project basis, with a project-based account. A single project typically costs somewhere between $2,000-$20,000 depending on your in-field timeline, number of mission parts and any service add-ons you select. You can choose from any of the following service add-ons:

  • Tech support only:  All customers receive free technical support via the help chat feature within or
  • Research guidance module: Two iterations of written feedback from a Research Advisor via the help chat feature.
  • Project design module: Access to a designated Research Advisor for a limited time, beginning at a project kickoff call. Research Advisor will assist with up to two (2) iterations of project design and provide best practices throughout project.
  • Scout management module: Research Advisor will perform scout management tasks such as sending mission invitations, sending reminder messages, unlocking mission parts, responding to scout questions as able, and assisting with troubleshooting. Customer must monitor entries for participant feedback, correction, and probing.

Through a project-based account you’ll have access to the data for 60 days following the end of your mission (subscribers have ongoing access to all their project data, including those run prior to starting a subscription). Contact to scope a new project.  

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