Promoting your project with a splash page

Want to get the word out to potential participants about your dscout study? Or maybe you want to let people sign up and directly be invited to your mission. Either way, a splash page is for you! A splash page is a custom webpage that we automatically generate when you launch a screener or a mission:

Screener Splash Pages

Screener splash pages have all the key information about your opportunity so you have the option to promote it within your own network. Potential participants can view it on their computer or on their smartphone to get the details, download the dscout app, and apply!

By default, screener splash page links are toggled on whenever you start a new screener draft. After the screener is set live, you'll find the link in the Setup here:

Here's what a screener splash page looks like when a scout first opens it:

If the scout scrolls down, they can read more information about the opportunity including the teaser:

If a scout does not have the dscout app downloaded, they can click 'Apply now' and enter their mobile phone number to be texted a link to download the app.

Mission Splash Pages

Similar to screener splash pages, you can toggle on the custom landing page for a mission. Once your mission has launched, this will allow your externally-recruited participants or any active scouts to sign up and be invited to the mission.

This is the first view potential participants will have when they open up the link:

After scrolling down, they'll be able to read the overview too:

By clicking 'Sign Up for Mission,' potential participants who've never used dscout before will be able to create their scout account here:

If they already have a scout account, they can click 'Sign In' instead. Once a scout either creates an account or signs in, the mission invite will be waiting for them in the mobile app.

Need more help with inviting first-time scouts to your mission? Read our guide  here!

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