Getting Started

What is dscout?

dscout is a remote qualitative research platform that empowers researchers to embed human, context-rich insight in their organizations.

Our network of eager participants (we call them scouts!) use our iPhone or Android mobile app to take videos, pictures, and answer questions in-context and in-the-moment. That data is then uploaded in real time to dscout’s web app, which researchers access via laptop or desktop in order to synthesize and share insights.

dscout is currently comprised of 3 distinct but interconnected products: Recruit, Diary, and Live.

Here’s how to get around the web platform.

dscout Recruit

Recruit participants for your Diary and/or Live missions through dscout. Design and build your screener in the dscout web platform, and then rate applicants and add them to your Live or Diary mission seamlessly.

Read more about screening scouts.

dscout Diary

Design Diary missions that answer your research objectives. 

Your mission can contain multiple parts. Each part can be either a survey that scouts answer once, or a diary that scouts answer repeatedly in different contexts. Most dscout missions are made up of 3 or so parts and take advantage of both approaches.

Invite participants you’ve recruited & prepared on your own, or use dscout Recruit to screen scouts from dscout’s panel.

Read more about designing missions.

dscout Live

Talk to your participants in real time, without ever leaving the room. Live allows remote video conferencing, built specifically for researchers. Invite participants you’ve recruited on your own, or use dscout Recruit to screen scouts from dscout’s panel. Then, schedule live conversations with them.

AND NOW: Invite 3rd party observers to listen in on your conversation. 

Read more about dscout Live.

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