How much should I pay scouts?

Most dscout projects pay between $20-$150. 

Consider paying less if you have scouts doing a simple behavioral task without much commentary. Consider paying more for a difficult project that requires more time, effort, and thoughtfulness from your scouts. Recruiting scouts with very specific experience (bagpipers from Idaho) is easier with a higher incentive. Scouts don't expect to receive partial compensation if they don't complete all required missions, but you can of course accommodate unusual circumstances at your discretion.

If you screen with dscout, we take care of paying scouts. 

If you build and launch a dscout screener to find participants for your mission(s), dscout staff will pay your scouts via PayPal as soon as you close the final mission in your project for a 10% fee.

If you DON'T screen with dscout, you're in charge of paying your participants. 

If you do NOT screen with dscout, you are in charge of paying your participants in whatever way you'd like. Keep in mind participants expect to be paid soon after you close your project's final mission. (You can find the "Close Mission" button at the bottom of a mission's scout management page, which you'll need to click as soon as your research is complete.)

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