Can I supply my own participants?

Yes of course! If you have recruited participants yourself, you can bypass our screening service and add scouts directly into the first mission in your project using their email and name by following this process. (And we won't offer them the chance to apply for missions other than yours unless they explicitly give us permission to do so.) Once you launch your mission, you'll use dscout to invite your participants by sending an email that includes:

  • a customizable welcome message from you
  • a link to set up a new account that follows with instructions to download the dscout app OR if the scout already has a dscout account, the email will contain instructions for that scout to log in to the dscout app and accept the mission. Here's what that email looks like to scouts who are completely new to dscout:

PRO TIP: After downloading the dscout app, your participants need to tap "Sign In" (rather than "Create Account") and use the same email address and password that they used when they created their account. And if they can't remember their password, they can always tap "forgot my password" to reset it.
When recruiting, keep in mind that people who make good scouts excel at expressing themselves via photos, video and writing. So make sure to recruit people who are thoughtful and expressive. Other than that, look for the same qualities you'd look for in any good research participant: engaged, motivated, and with something interesting to say. Your scouts must have an Android phone running 5.0 Lollipop or later or an iPhone running iOS 10 or later to participate. It can also help to make sure your scouts have a good experience downloading an app. 

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