Opportunities and missions


An opportunity is a dscout project application. Sometimes they're just a handful of questions, and sometimes they're a bit longer. But they're pretty painless, and they typically ask you to talk about your preferences and opinions regarding a particular topic. They'll often ask you to take a photo or a video.

Scouts who are frequently selected to participate in paid missions submit applications that are thoughtful, creative, and authentic. If taking pictures or video is required, submissions that are well lit and easy to hear are given preference.


A mission is an adventure you'll go on while using the dscout app if you submit a killer application and are selected to participate in a dscout project! Completing a mission usually involves answering the same series of questions several times over a couple of days–and each time you do you'll submit what we call an "entry." Every time you submit an entry, you'll be recording your experiences and opinions using some combination of video, pictures, and text.

Some dscout missions are composed of a single part, and some are made up of a whole series of parts that last a week or longer–so make sure to read opportunity overview carefully so you know what's expected if you're selected!

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