How to submit great video entries

What makes a good video entry?

Before submitting an entry that includes a video prompt, take a moment to think about what you're going to say or show us. No need to rehearse or plan out exactly what you'll talk about, but getting your thoughts a little organized makes for a better video.

What about camera work?

Making sure we can see and hear you clearly is key to completing applications that get you selected for missions, and just as important for submitting entries in missions. So when taking video, be sure to:

  • Hold your phone steady. Try not to simulate earthquake conditions.
  • Ensure you are well lit and in frame. We want to see your beautiful smiling face–not just your nose.
  • Speak clearly. If you can't hear yourself over the roar of monster truck engines, we can't either.
  • Let your passion show. If you're bright-eyed and excited, we're excited!

We know that recording videos takes more effort and planning than just taking pictures or answering questions. And that's okay! Take the time you need to get settled, collect your thoughts, and give us the goods.

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