Troubleshooting a failed mission payout

If you receive an email from dscout with the subject Mission payout failed, it means that we tried paying you, but something went wrong and the payment didn’t go through properly. Here are all the possible reasons why and how to address them:

Potential Issue Potential Solution
Your PayPal account is locked or inactive. Log in to PayPal to reactivate your account or contact PayPal directly. Once the issue is resolved, we can resend the reward.
The email address we sent the reward to isn’t registered with PayPal. 1) Create a PayPal account with that email address. Learn more here.

2) Add your email address to your main PayPal account as an alias. Learn more here.
The email address we sent the reward to exists, but the email isn’t confirmed with PayPal. Confirm your email address with PayPal. Learn more here.
The reward is in a different currency than your default currency. Log in to your PayPal account and accept the money in your default currency. Learn more here.
Pro tip: If it’s past the expected pay date and you haven’t received a PayPal email notification, please try the following things to troubleshoot your reward:

  • Double check your PayPal account activity to see if you received your reward. 9 times out of 10, payment has already arrived to your account without you even knowing it.
  • If your PayPal account shows no payment activity by your specified pay date, search your email inbox and spam folders for an email from both PayPal and There may be a chance that you need to update your PayPal account with one of the aforementioned methods.

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