When can I expect my reward?

Typically, within 10 business days of the mission deadline, but we’re working ways to get you your money faster.
In the meantime, we’ll continue to message you in the dscout mobile app (you’ll receive this message via email, too) to let you know the exact date you can expect your reward as soon as the mission leader approves your entries and gives us the green light. 
This message will look like following:

We try our best here at dscout to pay you as quickly as possible for your hard work, but the review process and closing a project can sometimes take longer than expected. Mission leaders might be finishing up some last-minute tasks before submitting the project for payment. Rest assured, however, that we'll let you know the exact date you can expect your hard-earned reward as soon as we can!

If you don’t receive your payment by end of day (5pm, Central Time) on the specified pay date, please check out our troubleshooting section or feel free to reach out to at payments@dscout.com.

Pro tip: If you need clarification on the status of a reward, feel free to reference your messages for that particular mission. Missions for which you’re expecting a reward may have been moved out of the In Progress tab. Learn how to access your closed missions here.

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