Why does my profile say I have submitted zero entries?

Remember, entries are different from applications. An  Entry is the set of answers you submit when you're participating in a mission (read more about entries here). To participate in a mission, you must first be invited to a mission, and to be invited to a mission, you must first apply to a mission (learn how to apply to a mission here).

If you have applied to a few missions, but haven't been officially invited to a mission yet, your Mission and Entry counters will effectively be zero. Check out our glossary here if you need a refresher on the dscout lexicon. In addition, check out the example below for more clarification.

Our good friend Reggie hasn't been invited to a mission yet. He's applied to ten missions so far, but it looks like none of the mission leaders are looking for a raccoon to participate in their study. Therefore, Reggie's profile will display a counter of zero missions and entries, although he's applied to ten different missions. 

Pro tip: To reiterate, the mission and entry counts in your profile are the number of missions you’ve been invited to and the number of entries you’ve actually submitted, respectively. This should not be confused with the number of missions you’ve applied to. There currently isn’t a place in our mobile apps that tells you how many applications you’ve submitted. If you haven't been invited to participate in a mission yet, these numbers will be 0. Check out our guide on best practices for getting selected for missions here.

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