Did my entry upload properly?

When you submit your entry, you will see a spinning loop graphic, indicating that your upload is in progress. Once the upload has completed, the loop graphic will be replaced by a box with a number. This number represents the entry number (i.e. 1 means your first entry, 2 means your second entry, etc.). 

Additionally, if the spinning loop graphic seems to go on longer than expected, maybe it has been spinning for a few minutes now (check out the image above), here are a couple of things you can do to double check if your entry has uploaded correctly:

Pro tip: If you see a red box with a exclamation point after submitting your entry, this means that your entry has failed. Learn how to fix this here

Check your notification bar

You'll see the dscout icon in your phone's notifications bar if you have an active upload in progress. Swipe down on your mobile device to access your notification bar. If you see an upload in progress, this means that your entry is still indeed uploading and hasn’t finished yet. 

Pro tip: This is specific to the Android app. You won’t see a progress bar in your notifications if you have an iPhone.

Check your Uploads tab

You can check the status of the upload by accessing your Uploads tab (learn how to access your current or failed uploads here). If there is an upload in progress, that means your entry is indeed still uploading. Wait for the progress bar to hit 100% and double check if your entry has successfully uploaded to your mission. 

If there isn’t an upload in progress and your entry is still spinning, you’ve encountered a bug. Log out of your account and log back in to see if the entry was uploaded properly.

Pro tip: The uploads tab will only show active and failed uploads. If you don't have an active upload in progress or a failed upload to retry, there won't be anything in the Uploads tab.

Refresh your app data

If your entry appears to be uploading for a long time, and there isn’t any indication that your upload is still in progress (see above), try refreshing your app data. You can refresh your app data by (1) closing and reopening the app or (2) logging out and logging back into your dscout account. This should refresh your app data and remove any cached images.

Pro tip: Nine times out of ten, if an entry or a media file doesn't upload correctly, it's due to connectivity issues. Be sure you're connected to a strong wifi signal when submitting entries and don’t close out of the app. If this doesn’t work, try submitting your entry on your mobile device’s data.

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