Why is my audio or video quality bad?

Your network connectivity

It is important to keep tabs on your internet connection during the duration of the call. Due to the nature of web video conferencing, quality may fluctuate as your bandwidth availability changes. However, there are several ways to be conscious of the quality of your internet connection during your session:

  • In the onboarding flow, before you join the waiting room, we run a quick bandwidth test to confirm your connection is stable enough to begin the call.
  • During the session, you will see a status button on the bottom right. This represents your network latency. Latency is the measure of time it takes to send a packet of data from one endpoint to another. Check it out below.

  • If the status is green, you're in good shape!
  • If the status is yellow, you may experience some lags or freezing during your session.
  • If the status is red, you should let the other participant know and try to hold off on important back-and-forth until you are able to get to yellow or green.

Troubleshooting your network connectivity

If you are experiencing issues with your network, try some of the following methods to troubleshoot your network connectivity:

  • Check your internet connection strength. If your internet is not strong, your connection to the call will suffer. Check your internet speed here. If your internet connection is weak, you might need to contact your Internet Service Provider to figure out a solution.
  • Try moving closer to the router. Or better yet, use a wired connection if possible!
  • Close additional apps and programs. Live relies on having plenty of your computer's bandwidth to support the call. File sharing applications, streaming audio or video, downloading files, or even just having another browser open are all things that can eat up bandwidth.
  • Plug your laptop into a power source. If you're using a laptop computer and your device has low battery or is in power-saving mode, try plugging it into a power source or switching it to maximum performance mode.
Pro tip: If you are unable to stabilize your network, we recommend communicating this with your mission leader to reschedule another time to complete your session when your network is reliable.

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