What technical requirements does my computer need for dscout Live?

Your computer must have a few things for dscout Live to work properly. This includes:

  1. A working sound system, camera, and microphone. If you don’t have a built-in camera or microphone, external ones will work just fine.
  2. Google Chrome web browser.
  3. The dscout Live Google Chrome extension.
  4. A strong internet connection. We ask that you test your connection with this network test link using the computer and internet network you plan on using for your call at least 24 hours before your session. This test helps us determine if your computer and network are ready to run dscout Live.
Pro tip: It is extremely important to make sure your computer meets these requirements. Please make sure you have everything in the aforementioned list and run through the network test with the computer and WiFi network you plan on using for your Live mission at least 24 hours (or earlier) before your scheduled Live session. If you experience any issues with your test, please check out this article for more support. Last minute troubleshooting may result in missing your Live session.

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