Can I join a Live session on my mobile device?

Not yet.

At the moment, Live sessions can only be completed on a desktop or laptop with a mic and camera, using the Google Chrome web browser.

In the future, our mobile app will tell you whether you can join the Live session using your mobile device or your computer on both the mission card and in the mission overview. When you get invited to a Live session, follow these steps to figure out if this Live session is compatible with your mobile device or on desktop only:

  1. Log into your dscout account on your mobile device.
  2. Access your Invites tab at the bottom of the app’s navigation bar
  3. On the Live session card, you’ll notice a section entitled Platform, which will tell you if the Live session can be done on your computer, mobile device, or both.

Pro tip: Much like Diary missions, you can accept your invitation to a Live session and message your mission leader in the dscout mobile app. You can also schedule your Live session in your mobile app, if your mission leader has enabled Automatic  scheduling. Learn more about scheduling here.

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