When is my mission due?

Deadlines will vary by part and by mission.

For example, missions with manual parts will usually contain a specific deadline for each part, while automatic missions may have a final deadline for all the parts (read more about the difference between manual and automatic missions here). If you’re ever confused about when a part is due, you can reference a few locations in the dscout app to refresh your memory.

  • Mission overview: The mission overview should give you a good idea of the mission timeline and part due dates. Learn how to access your mission overview here.
  • Part instructions: The mission leader may choose to communicate deadlines in the Part instructions. If you forget when your part is due, please double check the part instructions for clarification. Learn how to access part instructions here.
  • Messages: Lastly, mission leaders may choose to communicate deadlines by messaging you the due dates. Double check your messages by clicking on the messaging icon on the top-right corner of the screen. 
Pro tip: If can’t find a due date anywhere, try messaging your mission leader for clarification. Learn how to message your mission leader here.

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