How do I unlock the next part to the mission?

It depends if your mission is a Manual mission or an Automatic mission. Read more on the difference between the two below

Manual missions 

The next part of your mission will be locked until a specific date and time and can only be unlocked by your mission leader. Manual missions will display Available upon researcher release. Stay tuned! on the locked part. See below:

Automatic missions

The next part will open immediately after you submit all the required entries in the previous part. These types of missions will allow you to finish the mission at your own pace. Automatic missions will display Available once previous parts have been completed on the locked part. See below:


Regardless of the mission type, when the next part opens, you’ll receive a push notification, if you’ve given dscout permission to send you in-app notifications, that lets you know that a new part is available. Read more about granting app permissions here.

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