How long is my mission?

The length of a mission will vary.

Some missions can be completed on at your own pace whereas others follow a more structured approach with multiple deadlines. Said structure depends on whether your mission leader has enabled  Automatic parts or Manual parts. Learn more about the difference between the two here. 

You can get a sense of how long the mission will take by referencing the Days portion of your mission card in the app. However, we recommend that you check out the Mission Overview to get the full picture, deadlines, and details. Learn how to access your Mission more here.

Pro tip: All missions will display the estimated length of the study, calculated in number of total days, on the mission card and part card. These numbers should give you a good indication of how many days the mission is, but it's still best practice to read through the mission overview to get a better sense of how long the mission will last. Mission leaders are known to remind scouts with deadlines in their messages as well.

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