Why do I have to apply to missions?

Each mission is looking to research and understand a very specific topic, which often requires scouts that meet very specific criteria.

Imagine, for example, a mission designed to collect insights on vegetarian food preferences. If you’re a meat lover, you might not be the best fit for this project since you don’t fit the market we’re looking for.

In addition, we ask you to apply to missions because we want to set you up for success in a paid mission. Asking you a series of questions and requiring a video response is all to make sure you’ll be able to answer questions and share your opinion with quality if you’re invited to a paid mission.

In essence, applying to a mission helps us ensure that we’re finding the best scouts for each mission. As a final note, please remember, that if you don’t get selected this time around, it doesn’t necessarily mean your application was lacking. It just means that we were looking for something else. 

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