How to apply to missions

To be eligible to participate in a mission, you’ll first need to submit an application to see if you’re a good fit. Browse the Explore tab on your mobile app to see what missions are available. Read more about what a mission is and the different kinds of missions we send scouts on here.

How to submit an application to a mission

To submit an application to a mission, complete the following steps:

  1. Tap on each individual mission card to read through the details.
  2. If you’re interested and think you’ll be a good fit for the mission, tap Start Application at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Read and answer each question thoughtfully and truthfully before hitting the Next Question button.

    Please note that once you answer a question in your application, you will not be able to go back. Therefore, please make sure you answer your question thoughtfully and make sure that everything is correct before hitting Next Question.
  4. When you come across a picture or video question, you can choose to use dscout’s camera to answer the question or upload a file from your phone’s media storage. Learn how to upload media from your media storage here.
  5. Once you’ve answered all the questions, you’ll see a screen that tells you that you’ve completed your application (check out this screen below).
  6. It can take a few days to even weeks for us to review your application. If you get selected to participate in a mission, you’ll be notified via email and in your app.

Pro tip: If you don’t see this screen, you haven’t reached the end of your application. Go back and finish it! If you don’t get selected for the mission this time around, don't be discouraged! We’re working very hard to provide you with more opportunities. However, if you’re curious about improving your chances of getting selected, check out our best practices guide when applying to missions.

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