Going on missions and getting rewarded

What is a mission? 

A mission is an adventure you'll go on while using the dscout app! Completing a mission usually involves answering a series of questions several times over a couple of days. Missions are made up of parts and can often consist of multiple parts.A typical mission is made up of 3-5 parts. Each time you share your experiences and give your opinion by answering those questions (which frequently includes taking a picture or short video), we call that "creating an entry."

How do I get paid for scouting? 

Complete all required parts of a mission thoughtfully and on time, and you'll get rewarded! If the project you complete is paid (and most of them are), we'll pay you via PayPal once your mission closes. This payment can take up to three weeks to process, but usually goes through faster. As soon as you're paid, you'll get an email from PayPal with directions for claiming your payment.

Do missions always pay? 

Most of the time, yes! Sometimes you'll be rewarded with free products or just good karma instead of cash for going on missions, but we always tell you what reward could be in store for you before you apply for a mission.

How do I get into a mission? 

Apply for missions by completing opportunities in the dscout app. Opportunities are short surveys on all kinds of topics that help us figure out if you'd be a good fit for a particular mission. Giving creative, thoughtful answers is the #1 way to increase your chances of getting selected! If you're asked to take a photo or short video, well lit, easy to understand submissions are given priority. If selected, we'll send you a mission invitation email letting you know you've made the cut.

How much do I get paid? 

Every dscout project pays differently. If you're selected for a project that consists of a short one part mission that just asks you a few questions, you might earn $10. If you're invited to a project with a 3 part mission that asks you a bunch of questions over a week or two, you might earn $100.

dscout will really pay me for my opinion? 

You bet we will! Just make sure to carefully read the directions for opportunities you complete and missions you get invited to. Scouts who are creative but follow directions and finish things on time can make some serious $$$.

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