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Welcome to the dscout mobile app! Learn more about our in-app experience by selecting one of the options below:

The Explore tab

You can read more about the available missions dscout is currently offering on the Explore tab and decide which one(s) you want to apply to!

Pro tip: Please make sure you periodically update your profile and that your extended profile is complete on the dscout app. This makes it easier for us to show you the most relevant missions based on your profile. Learn how to update your profile here.

The Invites tab

When you get invited to a mission, you’ll receive an email notification and an notification (if you’ve enabled notifications, read more about enabling notifications here). On this tab, you’ll be able to see all of your pending mission invitations.

Tap on your pending invitation to accept the mission. Learn more about how to accept an invitation to a mission here.

Pro tip: When you accept your mission, it will no longer appear in the Invites tab the next time you open your app. Instead, it'll be in your In Progress tab. Furthermore, it’s possible to decline an invitation to a mission if you’re unable to participate. Just know, however, that we probably selected you out of a lot of other scouts and would really want you to participate.

The In Progress tab

The missions in this tab are the ones that you’re currently participating in. The missions here can be either a regular or Live missions (read more about dscout Live here). Missions will remain in this tab until the mission deadline or until your mission leader closes you out.

Pro tip: If you’ve finished your mission, but it’s still showing up in this tab, don’t worry that you haven’t finished! This just means that your mission leader hasn’t closed you or the mission yet. Read more about this here.
Pro tip: Additionally, if you’ve finished the mission and haven’t received your reward yet, but the mission has suddenly disappeared from this tab without any notification of payment, don’t worry! This probably means that your mission leader has closed the mission and will be reaching out to you soon about your reward details. Read more about this here.

The Rewards tab

This tab allows you to reference all of your past payments with dscout. Each payout will list the reward amount as well as the date you received it.

Pro tip: You may not see all of your payouts with dscout listed on this tab. This is something that we’re currently working on to backfill. Read more about this here.

The Profile tab

Access and update your profile here. You’ll be able to change your email, reset your password, and update information about yourself (including your profile picture and extended profile fields). 

Please note that the Profile tab (found on the bottom of your screen) is only available on our iOS app. To access your profile on the Android app, simply tap on the Triple Horizontal Lines icon ☰ on the top-top left corner of your screen > View Profile. Read more here.

Pro tip: Confused about what the words Entries and Missions mean? Check out our introduction to dscout section here.

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