The application process

How do I get selected for missions? 

When applying for missions, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of getting selected.

  • Answer the questions thoughtfully and creatively.
  • Follow the directions. Each opportunity is different! Double check that you're staying on target.
  • Be a good camera operator. When taking video, make sure we can see & hear you well, and keep your phone as steady as you can. Be yourself, put your best foot forward, and let your excitement shine through!
  • Relax! You won't be a good fit for every mission. Instead of completing every single opportunity that pops up, go for ones that really speak to your interests and knock those applications out of the par.
Pro tip: Read more about our best practices here.

Who chooses if I get into missions? 

It depends! Sometimes a mission leader from dscout reviews your application, and other times a mission leader from a company working with dscout reviews it. But in either case, the person who reviews your application is looking for authenticity, creativity, attention to detail, and good camera work.

Pro tip: If you get selected to participate in a mission, you'll get notified in the app and by email. Learn more here.

What happens once I'm invited to a mission? 

When you're invited to a mission, you'll get an email letting you know you've been selected. When looking at a mission in the dscout app, you'll be able to review what you're supposed to do in the overview, see how many parts will be required of that mission, submit entries, and ask your mission leader questions.

Pro tip: Got questions about your mission? Read about participating in Diary missions here.

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