How missions work

How long do dscout projects take? 

It can vary quite a bit. Some dscout project's mission are composed of a single part and take only a few minutes, and others are made up of a series of multiple parts and can go on for weeks. Each part within a mission typically lasts 2-7 days.

How many entries do I submit per mission? 

It depends on the type of parts that a mission can have. In parts where we're looking for a lot of depth and detail in your responses, we'll usually ask for fewer entries. But in parts where we're only asking for a few brief thoughts about what you're doing or feeling, you could be asked to submit more entries.

How many questions make up an entry? 

Usually around five to ten, but again, it depends on the mission part. We try to ask enough questions to see the world clearly through your eyes, but not so many that it's aggravating.

How many parts make up a mission? 

This depends on the mission, but usually it’s 3-5 parts!

How long should it take to submit an entry? 

Let's say you were invited to a one part mission that asked you to complete five entries, and each entry was composed of one 30 second video question, three multiple choice questions, and two short answer questions. We'd expect each entry to take you about five minutes. Spend a lot less time and you're probably not giving us enough detail. Spend a bunch more time and you might be overdoing it.

Why did I get an error when I tried to submit a entry? 

Probably because you don't have good reception. Save the entry and try again later when your reception is better or you have a solid WiFi connection.

Can I review a specific mission's overview? 

When you're viewing a mission on iOS tap the arrow next to the mission name to expand the mission’s overview. When you’re viewing a mission on Android, tap the information icon on the top navigation bar to see the mission’s overview. Tap "messages" on the upper right corner if you have a question for your mission leader that isn't covered in the overview–or if you run into trouble completing the mission.

Can I review a specific part’s instructions?

When you’re in a part answering questions, tap on the info icon in the top right corner to be brought to the instructions for that part! 

I thought I could participate, but something came up. 

Life happens. We get it! If you've accepted a mission but can't finish it, just message your mission leader to let them know what's going on. That will keep your account in good standing, and give another scout the chance to participate.

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