Testing your Live mission before launch!

New to dscout Live? Try it out with a teammate by using the testing feature before officially kicking off your Live mission. 

While your Live mission is in draft mode, you will see the Test Mission option. You can launch a test and invite one tester to try out dscout Live with you as the participant. 

Tests can remain active for up to 5 days and begin as soon as you invite your tester.  Once you have invited a tester and kicked off your test mission, you will be able to access the link to your session. Both you and the tester will access the call using the same link.  

The tester will be able to experience the full scout experience, which includes receiving an invitation email from dscout and accepting the invitation before getting started. 

You will be able to experience the full Live experience from the moderator's perspective. You can try out scheduling, conduct a live session, create notes and clips, share stim, and watch the recording afterwards. 

Since this is just the test run, test data cannot be exported and test data is deleted once the test concludes. 

Once you end the test, or 5 days after the test begins, the mission is moved back into draft mode where you can make any changes before launching the mission and inviting your scouts. 

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