Using the dscout home page

When you first log in, you'll find yourself on your dscout home page. You can return to your home page whenever you wish by clicking the dscout logo in the top left corner of the screen. Here's a quick tour of everything you'll see on your home page.

  • In the top left corner, you'll see your account name (that's "Subscription Account" in the above screenshot). Click the dropdown to navigate between any other accounts you might have access to.
  • Under "Home", on the lefthand side, you'll be able to create a new project.
  • The search bar in the center of the page will allow you to search within all projects you have access to. It will search project, mission, and screener names for keywords you enter.
  • On the righthand side, you'll see your company account owner (that'll be the person at your company who is in charge of your dscout account), as well as your dscout research advisor. You'll then see links to our Knowledge base (that's where you are right now!) and to our live help chat.

Viewing your project list

Under the search bar in the center, you'll see four tabs. 

  • All projects: This shows  all projects within the account that you have access to, excluding Completed projects.
  • My projects: This view shows all projects within that account that you have created.
  • Shared with me: This view shows projects that you have been given access to.
  • Completed projects: This view shows all projects you have marked complete. To complete a project, click on the box icon to the right of the project's name. This will not change your access to data, but scouts will no longer be able to submit entries or applications.

Collaborating on individual projects

Under the Project tabs, you'll see the individual projects you have access to. On each project card, you can mark the project as complete, add and view collaborators, or click into the  project page. Use the "Add Collaborators" button (the blue circle with a plus sign in it) to add or remove teammates to/from the project, and to view current collaborators and their roles. You can change each collaborator's notification settings, indicate a project lead, and copy a link to the project to send to each collaborator. The Add Collaborators modal will not allow you to change collaborators'  account roles. Use the Account page to change account roles.

  • Change notification settings: Indicate if a teammate should receive email notifications when a message is sent in the project.
  • Indicate a project lead: Select the person who is managing this dscout project, to give other teammates a point of contact should they have questions about the project.
  • Share a project link: When you add a teammate to a project, they'll receive an email inviting them to check it out! Send them this link if they have trouble finding that email

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