Creating a dscout project

A project page is your central navigation for all missions and screeners within a project. You can access all of your projects from dscout  home. You can also access a project page from within a mission or screener, just click on the project name in the top left. 

To create a new dscout project:

  1. Navigate to your dscout home and click “Create Project” on the lefthand side. 
  2. Title your project by clicking on its name on the upper lefthand corner.
  3. Use the  Project Description section to share a quick overview of your project with colleagues. Scouts don't see the project name or description.
  4. Add collaborators to your project to share your research.

Use the "Add Collaborators" button (the blue circle with a plus sign in it, under  Members & Viewers in the top right corner) to add or remove teammates to/from the project. Type in their name (if your colleague is already on your dscout account) or email address (if your colleague does not yet have a dscout profile) to add them to your project. The Add Collaborators dialogue will not allow you to change collaborators'  account roles. Use the Account page to change account roles.

You'll also be able to change each collaborator's notification settings, indicate a project lead, and copy a link to the project to send to each collaborator. 

  • Change notification settings: Per person on the project, you're able to toggle whether or not they receive email notifications when a message is sent within the project.
  • Indicate a project lead: Select the person who is managing this dscout project, to give other teammates a point of contact should they have questions about the project.
  • Project link: When you add a teammate to a project, they'll receive an email inviting them to check it out! Send them this link if they have trouble finding that email, or if you're impatient and don't want to wait for them to check their email ;)

Once you've set your project up, use the lefthand side to create a screener, Diary mission, or Live mission in your project.

  • Create screener: copy a previous screener you have access to or create a new screener from scratch.
  • Create Diary mission: copy a previous Diary mission you have access to, use one of our five templates, or create a new Diary mission from scratch.
  • Create Live mission: create a new Live mission.

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