Observing a Live session

Before the Live session:

Each session will require exactly one moderator (but can have many observers). The moderator can be any member on the project who plans to engage face-to-face with a scout during a session. 
Before you can begin the session, you must assign the moderator to the session.  Once you're in the Manage page, select a project member from the drop down where it says Assign Moderator. The moderator will have the option to click the red Start Session button under the Session column.
Project members who are not assigned the role of moderator, can join a Live session as an observer. To enter a Live session as an observer, simply click on ‘Join as Observer’ on the Manage page or use the session link.
During the Live session:
+ The scout will only see the moderator face-to-face, and their in-session chat will only be with the moderator.
+ The moderator will only see the scout face-to-face, and they will have separate chat rooms: one for the scout, and the other with other members who are observing the session.
+ Observers will see both the scout and moderator’s cameras. They will only be able to chat with each other, including the moderator.
+ Moderators and observers have the ability to create clips and notes during the session.
After the Live session:
Notes and clips recorded by moderators and observers will be available for all project members to see and add to in the packaged session recording. 

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