Applying for missions

What are opportunities? 

Opportunities are mission applications. Sometimes they're just a handful of questions, and sometimes they're a bit longer. But they're pretty fun to complete, and ask you to talk about your preferences and opinions on a particular topic. Scouts who are frequently selected to participate in paid missions submit applications that are thoughtful, creative, and authentic. If taking pictures or video is required, submissions that are well lit and easy to understand are given preference.

How do I get into missions? 

To go on a mission, you'll need to submit an application and then get selected to participate. Just tap on the apply tab in the dscout app to see if any available opportunities look interesting. If you see an opportunity that sounds like fun, apply for it! If there's nothing available to apply for at the moment, hang in there–we'll be serving up some new opportunities in no time.

Do I get paid for completing an application? 

Usually not. But before you start completing an application, we tell you how much you could earn if you are selected for the mission or missions you're applying for.

What do I do after applying? 

Your mission leader will review your application and let you know if you've been selected to participate. If you don't hear from us in a week or two, it's safe to assume that you didn't get picked this time around. But don't worry! New opportunities are launching all the time.

Why can't I see a specific opportunity? 

Not all scouts are eligible for every opportunity. Some dscout missions call for a very specific type of person. So, for example, if only women living in Idaho are eligible for a particular mission, and you aren't a woman living in Idaho, the application for that mission won't show up under the apply tab in your app.

I'm not getting picked for missions. What's the deal? 

Frequently, many more scouts apply for a particular project than there's room for. So the best way to tilt the odds in your favor is to check the opportunities tab frequently and apply for ones that are interesting to you right away. (And thoughtful, creative applications that include carefully shot video beat out one word answers and shaky, dark camera work every time.)

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