Creating and Sharing Stimuli

Engage your scouts and capture their responses to images, videos and links during your Live session without the hassle. 

About Stim Boards

Create Stim Boards in the builder so that you can share content with the click of a button during your Live session.

There are two types of boards:

1) Media: A board that contains 1 or more images and videos. All media added to this board can be shared with the scout once the Live session starts and the scout has shared their screen.

2) URL: A board that contains up to 1 shareable link. Similar to a media board, this link can be shared with a scout during the Live session. 

You can create as many boards as you'd like. When you share a board, all content in that board will be visible to the scout. For more granular control, create separate boards. For example if you want to share 4 images separately, create 4 separate boards, each with one of the 4 images. 

Creating your Stim Board

Begin by creating a new board in the builder under the Stim tab. 

Then, give your board a title to make it easier to manage your boards. The board title will not be visible to the scout. 

Select a board type (i.e., media or url). 

If you upload photos or videos to your media stim board, you have the option to give your stim (or each media file) a description, which will be visible to the scout. 

If you create a URL Stim Board, simply paste in the link in the URL field. This link will be shared with the scout once you share this board.

Previewing your Stim Board

You can preview how your media will appear by clicking the preview icon at the top of your board. 

Sharing Stim Boards during your call 

Before you share a board, the scout must be sharing their screen with you. If they are not already, ask them to do so by clicking the "Share your screen" button on the left side of their view. 

Once the scout is sharing their screen, you will be able to click the Share button associated with a Stim board. You can only share one board at a time. 

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