Joining your dscout Live Session

You should have received several emails from reminding you about your upcoming Live session 1 day and 1 hour before your session. Click on the Join Your Live Session button found in either of these emails to access your interview link.

 Click Begin Setup to move on to the next step. 

Live will run a series of tests to make sure your camera, microphone and internet are working. 

The Get Started button will be disabled until all tests pass. If this is your first time using dscout Live, you will see blue buttons prompting you for permissions and directing you to the Chrome app store if you have not yet installed the plugin. 

Once you pass all of the tests, hit Get Started to enter the hair-check room. 

Once you're ready, hit Join to enter the waiting room and hang tight till the moderator to begins the session.

If you see this screen, you know you are in the right place! Your moderator will be joining shortly!

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