Live FAQ

Q. How long can a Live session last?

There is no limit to the duration of a Live session. Researchers can talk to scouts as long as both parties would like!

Q. Are downloads required for researchers or participants?

For live video interviewing, no downloads are required! If scouts are required to share their screen as part of the interview, they seamlessly install a Chrome plug-in.

Q. Will scouts see my company info?

Nope! dscout conceals and protects your company’s identity. It’s up to you to tell scouts more about your company if you choose.

Q. How can I share stim?

You can pre-upload stim – images, videos, websites, PDFs, links and more – and create as many stim boards as you’d like! Once your scout is sharing their screen, you can reveal one board at a time to your participant with a click of a button.  You’re in control to share the right stim at the right time, without having to manage assets during a call.

Q. Can I share prototypes, too?

Definitely! You can either pre-load links to prototypes through stim, or send link to scouts on the fly using the in-call chat function.

Q. How does screen sharing work?

Scouts are able to share their screen by downloading a one-click Chrome extension. Researchers can see scouts’ screen and their webcam simultaneously, so you can watch scouts’ candid reactions alongside their screens.

Q. Does Live work on mobile?

Live is currently built for computers (laptop/desktop), with mobile functionality planned for later this year. Some beta testers have used third-party tools to capture mobile screens alongside the face-to-face desktop interaction (if you go this route, researchers are responsible for setup and onboarding of external applications).

Q. Can you use your own participants?

Absolutely! Bringing your own participants is simple. Just invite them to a Live (or Diary) mission via email to get started.

Q. Can you export video and notes from the conversation?

Video (with audio) and notes can be exported – along with transcripts and clips!

Q. Can my coworkers observe remotely during the interview?

Currently, Live is a 1:1 tool, but introducing observers is a development priority that’s planned for an upcoming release. It’s easy to share the session with coworkers immediately after the call; they then can view the video and transcript, add their own notes and create clips from the video.

Q. Is there technology support for participants?

Participants are supported with several resources to help ensure a high-quality interview. Clear instructions provided with onboarding, and scout can test their setup inside Live prior to joining a call to ensure their hardware and connection is working properly. We urge participants to test their setup well before a call, so we can offer direct support if needed.

Q. How do clips work? Can you create clips during an interview and/or later?

Clips are a great way to mark important moments in your call. You can create clips both during a call and after. Clips made during a call can be edited and named after the call is over. You also can download recordings of just the clips from any Live interview.

Q. How do I schedule Live interviews with scouts?

Within Live, you can choose which time slots you’d like to make available for scouts, and share that calendar to let them book interviews directly. Only one scout can be booked for each time slot, so there won’t be a schedule conflict between scouts.

Q. As a researcher, how do I find out about and keep track of scheduled sessions?

When a scout books a session, researchers receive email notifications. Scheduled sessions are also visible in the scout management page of your Live mission. You can also add scheduled sessions straight from the scout management page to your Google or Outlook calendar.

Q. Do I have to use built in scheduling?

Not at all! You have the option to manually schedule your sessions. Simply invite participants and get started right away!

Q. Can multiple scouts join the same session for a “focus group” experience?

Sessions in Live are currently 1:1.

Q. Is transcription automatic?

Yes! Interviews are automatically transcribed during the session, and available to you after your session concludes.

Q. Can I use international scouts, and what languages are supported with transcription?

Scouts are available internationally, and you can bring your own participants from anywhere. Transcripts are only available in English at this time.

Q. What are the platform requirements for using Live?

Live is built for the Google Chrome browser on computers for both scouts and researchers. A mobile experience for scouts in the works. Scout screenshares require a one-click install of a Chrome extension.

Q. How can I learn about pricing for my Live project?

Live is offered only with an active dscout subscription, and is not offered as a standalone or for one-off projects. Subscriptions are configurable for teams of all sizes, from one researcher to hundreds. To explore the live solution or get a pricing quote that meets our needs, contact our sales team!

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