Automatic Scheduling

To make scheduling simpler, we've added a scheduling feature similar to Doodle or Calendy to Live. Now, you can use automatic scheduling to establish your availability for Live sessions. When scouts are invited, they will be prompted to select from the available time slots. 

In order to use automatic scheduling, first select automatic scheduling under the "Details" tab on the Setup page. 

Next, click on the "Calendar" tab to provide your availability. 

Note: All fields must be configured when a Live mission is still in draft mode. If all required fields are not provided before launch, a time slot grid will not be made available and the mission will default to manual scheduling. 

Follow the steps below to set up your schedule: 

  • Select the duration you would like each session to be, along with some padding time between sessions. 
  • Specify the timeframe you would like to complete your sessions in by selecting start and end dates. 
  • Finally, select a daily start and end time between which you would be available to run these sessions. It is best to choose a broad range and fine-tune availability later. 

Note: Times should be selected based on your local timezone. You can confirm whether or not you are programming in the correct timezone by checking the timezone specified on the right next to the Time Slots header. 

Once you've completed the steps above, a grid will populate with all available time slots for Live sessions. Time slots can be disabled with a simple click. Once disabled, the time slot will appear gray. Weekends are disabled by default but can be enabled as needed. 

  • Blue = available
  • Gray = blocked
  • Green = booked
  • Red = Weekend & blocked 

Time slots that have not been booked can be enabled or disabled after launch as needed. Be sure to pay attention to timezones specified in the builder and scout management page.

PRO TIP: Because additional days and times cannot be added after launch, we recommend adding a couple extra days to the end of the timeframe or a few extra hours at the end of each day and disabling them until needed. Emergencies happen, so this allows you to have some back-up options you can quickly enable if needed.

So, you've launched your mission and sent your availability out to scouts. What happens next? Scouts will receive an email invitation to participate + the opportunity to schedule their session based on your availability. When they select a time, you'll receive a notification alerting you of their scheduled time. To learn more about a scout's experience with automatic scheduling, check out this guide

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