Entries Viewer: Analysis Tab

Entries viewer: Analysis Tab 

Inside the Entries viewer, there is an Analysis tab. Researchers are presented with a bubble cluster chart for each open-ended question in their mission. 

What can I do with Analysis?

Each question chart presents filters to let you choose the top 10, 25, or 50 most used words from every answer to a question. These top words are contained inside a bubble that varies in size depending on the amount of times that word was mentioned in a response. Researchers can also see the number of instances that word was mentioned. Every bubble is also marked by a color that represents the part of speech the word belongs to: nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. You can filter your bubble chart to show all parts of speech or you can choose only one part at a time.

Capture my Analysis

Getting your charts out of dscout just got a lot easier too! All of the visualizations in the Analysis AND Summary tabs can be exported with the click of a button. Filter and format your word clouds the way you want them and click the download icon to save them locally, complete with question and filters applied info.

Do filters affect my Analysis?

You can analyze your qual data by seeing how segments of scout entries entries differ from each other. In dscout, you can filter your entries by any closed-ended responses, demographic data, your tags and scout groups. This means you can easily visualize word usage patterns across segments.   

Filtering applies to all the viewer tabs: entries, summary, maps and the new analysis tab. 

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