Launching Your Live Mission

The moment has arrived! You’re ready to launch your Live mission. The good news is you’re just a quick review + click away from launching your Live mission and inviting scouts. Use our checklist below to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered before launching.


  1. Tell your research advisor about your upcoming Live mission
  2. Give your mission a name
  3. Fill out the instructions and specs (e.g. session length and reward amount) 
  4. Decide if you plan to schedule scouts manually or automatically
  5. Set up a stim board (when sharing media + links with scouts) 
  6. Craft a personalized invite message welcoming scouts to the Live mission 
  7. Import scouts into the Live mission 
  8. Proofread Live mission draft

Launch your Live mission

Now that you’ve reviewed your Live mission, make your way to the Setup page and click on the launch button, located in the status bar at the bottom of the page. You will be prompted to review and confirm the invite message along with the list of scouts you'd like to invite. If it all looks good, go ahead and launch! Once you launch, your scouts will be notified to accept the Live mission invitation. Scouts will be able to accept the invite under the Live tab in their mobile app, or in the email notification.

Adding scouts to a launched mission 

What if you've launched your Live mission and would like to invite more scouts to participate? Simply  import the desired scout(s) into the mission and navigate to the top of the Invites tab. There, you'll see a "Send Invitations" button. Once you confirm that you want to send the invitation, the scout(s) will be notified.

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