Screensharing in Your Live Session

Both you (the moderator) and scouts have the ability to share your screen during the session. In order to share your screen, you will need the dscout Live Chrome Extension installed. 

Screenshare can be initiated with the Start Screenshare button located on the left under your video feed. Scouts have an identical button they can use to begin screenshare. Only one participant can share their screen at a time. 

If you would like to watch your scout interact with a link or prototype, simply request for them to start screen sharing on their end and have them navigate to a link or send it to them via the chat feature. Once a scout is sharing their screen, you will be able to see the scout's face on the left side of the Live session and their screen will be at the center. A blue timeline marker on the call timeline will represent the duration of the screen share

If you would like to maintain control of what is being shared, share your own screen. The scout will be able to see your screen or a select window or app you decide to share. They will no longer see your face while you are screen sharing. 

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