Starting Your Live Session

Live sessions must be conducted on a desktop or laptop computer using the Chrome browser.

Once it's time to begin your Live session, simply click the red “Start” button next to the scout’s name and you will be taken to the session. Before you begin your session, you will have to grant camera and mic access. At the next step, we will run three tests to make sure 1) your mic and 2) your camera are working and that 3) your internet connection is reliable enough to join the call. 

Next, you will be taken to the haircheck room to make sure you are camera ready! Move on to the next step to join the session room. Once the participant is present and ready to begin the call, simply click the "Start Session" button to begin your video session.

PRO TIP: Arrive to your Live session five minutes early. This gives you time to get set up and make sure everything is ready to go. You can also use this time to send a friendly message to your scout and connect before the Live session starts.

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