Importing Scouts into Your Live Mission

Follow this step-by-step guide to import scouts into your Live mission:

  1. First make sure only the folks who have already opted into your live mission are marked as “mission accomplished” if they’re coming from a diary mission or “amazing” if they’re coming from a dscout screener.

    Make sure scouts are marked mission accomplished in the mission.Or for screeners, rate your scouts!

  2. Open your Live mission. By now, your Live mission should be fully drafted (e.g. specs & instructions, automated or manual scheduling, invite message, etc.). 
  3. Click the invites tab to invite scouts. You’ll have the option to pull scouts over from a mission or screener you’ve already run.  Once you have made your selection, click import. Please note: this adds scouts to your project, but does not invite them. Scouts will not receive any notification until the mission is launched and their invitation has been sent. 
  4. Additionally, if you recruit participants outside of dscout's panel, you have the option to add scouts manually one by one or import a list of scouts from a CSV. It is important that your CSV follow the required format in order to successfully add scouts to your Live mission:
    1. First name, last name, email
  5. Once the scouts are listed (but before they are invited), it is still possible to remove scouts from the invite list by clicking the "x" button.

If you have added scouts to a draft Live Mission, they will be automatically invited on Launch. Before launching, you will be asked to confirm that the invite message and invite list looks correct. Once you have confirmed, your Live mission will be launched, added scouts will be invited and notified about this Live mission invitation. 

To learn more about launching your Live mission, click here.  

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