What is dscout Live?

dscout Live is our new video research tool, equipping you with the research superpower to talk to your users on the spot, in their spot, without traveling. 

Live is a video research tool built for researchers, by researchers. You can now invite scouts to participate in sessions allowing you to go in depth and in context without worrying about the logistics! It's really that easy. With Live, our scheduling feature simplifies the onboarding process so you can focus on what really matters. During your session, you can create notes and highlights to mark key moments. You can also take advantage of stim boards, a feature that allows you to share videos, photos, and links with scouts. Once your session is over, effortlessly access a recording of your session with a time-tracked transcript. Invite your teammates to view highlights from your session and collaborate on recognizing rich, insightful moments that help power your brand. 

Interested? Contact us at live@dscout.com for more information. 

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