Getting started with dscout Live

What is dscout Live?

dscout Live is a new tool allowing scouts to engage in one-on-one remote video sessions with researchers. Here is everything you need to know to use our new feature!

Can I use my mobile app to complete this mission?

Currently, dscout Live missions can only be completed on a desktop or laptop with a mic and camera, using the Google Chrome browser. Invites and messages will be sent directly to your email. Look out for dscout emails in your inbox! 

How do I know if my computer meets the tech requirements to use dscout Live?

Be sure to run the tests found here:

It is extremely important to run these tests with the computer and WiFi network you plan on using for your Live mission. We also recommend running these tests 24 hours (or more) in advance to your scheduled call time. Last minute trouble shooting may result in missing your Live session (and not being able to complete your Live mission). 

What browsers can I use?

For now, we require that you use Google Chrome to participate in the Live session. Make sure you have installed the dscout Live Chrome extension, have enabled microphone and camera permissions and verified that they work.

What version of Chrome do I need for Live to work?

We strongly recommend using the most recent version of Chrome, but v28 and onward should be supported. Screen sharing is not enabled by default in v33 - v36, so you will need to enable it manually.

Where do I install the Live Chrome extension?

You can find the Live chrome extension here: Live Chrome extension.

Click on the button that says ADD TO CHROME. Once you have successfully added the Live Chrome extension, it will say ADDED TO CHROME. After installation is complete, navigate back to your Live session link to continue with setup.  

Where can I view my Live mission invite?

You should have received an email from inviting you to a Live mission

In order to accept the invitation, click on the “Accept Invitation” button and login using your dscout email and password. You'll be able to view information about your live mission, accept the invite, and join the session once you have scheduled your call.

There may be a few things causing your invitation link to not work. Make sure you are on a desktop or laptop computer using the most recent version of Google Chrome. If you do not have Google Chrome web browser, you can download it here. If this doesn't resolve the issue, please reach out to your mission leader or contact us.

How do I schedule my interview? When is my interview?

If your mission leader is using our automatic scheduling tool:

You will be able to select from a list of available time slots after you have accepted your invitation. Once you select the time slot you would like to reserve, click the Confirm Timeslot button.  After booking, you will receive a scheduling confirmation email. You will also receive reminders 1 day and 1 hour before your session. 

If your mission leader is scheduling manually:

Keep an eye out for a message from your research moderator with details on how to schedule your session!  Once your scheduled time is confirmed, you should receive an email from dscout with a reminder. You will also receive reminder emails 1 day before your session and 1 hour before your session.

How do I join my interview? Is there a website that I go to?

You should have received emails from reminding you about your upcoming Live session 1 day and 1 hour before your session.

Click on the link in this email to access your interview link. 

 Click Begin Setup to move on to the next step. 

Live will run a series of tests to make sure your camera, microphone and internet are working. 

The Get Started button will be disabled until all tests pass. If this is your first time using dscout Live, you will see blue buttons prompting you for permissions and directing you to the Chrome app store if you have not yet installed the plugin. 

Once you pass all of the tests, hit Get Started to enter the hair-check room. 

Once you're ready, hit Join to enter the waiting room and hang tight till the moderator to begins the session.

How do I grant camera and microphone permissions?

To participate in a Live video session, you will need to enable camera and microphone permissions.

Click Set Permissions to enable permission to your microphone and camera. After clicking Set Permissions, you will see a prompt asking you to Allow permissions.

If you click on the Set Permissions button, but the prompt isn't appearing for you, you might have to complete some extra steps to troubleshoot this error.

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