Getting started with dscout

What is dscout? 

People all over the world use dscout to give their opinion and get rewarded. As a scout, you'll answer questions, take pictures, and record videos of moments that matter to you. Then organizations from all over the world will use your feedback to shape how they make groundbreaking new products and services. We're here to help you make the world a better designed, more connected place, and have a whole lot of fun in the process.

Who are scouts? 

Scouts are people just like you who use dscout to give their opinions, get rewarded, and make our world a better place in the process. There are tens of thousands of scouts in the United States and across the globe.

What's it like to be a scout? 

It's a little like being an audience member at a test screening--except instead of explaining how you feel about a new TV show or movie, you're explaining what you think about all kinds of stuff, from podcasts and fitness trackers to bedsheets and breakfast food. And instead of having to physically go somewhere to give your feedback, you can record your opinion anywhere, anytime with the dscout app on your iOS or Android phone.

How do scouts go scouting? 

Scouts usually open the dscout app a few times a week to look through available opportunities, which are short surveys on all kinds of different topics. If you see an interesting opportunity, apply for it! We'll review your application, then invite you to a mission if it seems like you'd be a good fit.

What's a mission? 

A mission is the adventure you'll go on while using the dscout app! A mission can be made up of multiple parts. Completing a part usually involves answering the same series of questions a few times over a couple of days. You'll record your experiences and opinions using some combination of video, pictures, and text. Each time you answer all the questions in a mission part, we call that "creating an entry”. Be sure to follow all of the instructions in the parts and complete them within their timeframe to earn your reward!

What's a part? 

Missions are made up of parts (they can have one or multiple). Each part has its own instructions, unique questions and timeframe. Completing a part usually involves answering the same series of questions a few times over a couple of days. You'll record your experiences and opinions using some combination of video, pictures, and text. Each time you answer all the questions in a part, we call that "creating an entry.” Subsequent parts in a mission will only occur once previous parts have been completed. Once you complete a part, depending on your mission leader’s preference, the next part will either open for you automatically or your mission leader will open it for you when they are ready!

What's an entry? 

An entry is the set of answers you provide while completing a mission part. A lot of the time, you'll submit multiple entries while on a single mission part. For example, imagine getting into a mission with two parts all about how you play with your dog! In the first part, you might be asked to take a 60 second video of yourself & your dog and answer a few questions to introduce us to your dog. Then in the second part, you might be asked to take a 30 second video and answer a few more questions every time you play together over a three day period. Each time you take a video and answer a series of questions about what you're doing in the video, you're creating an entry.

How do I get selected for missions? 

When applying for missions, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of getting selected.

  • Answer the questions thoughtfully and creatively. Catch our attention!
  • Follow the directions. Each opportunity is different! Double check that you're staying on target.
  • Be a good camera operator. When taking video, make sure we can see & hear you well, and keep your phone as steady as you can. Be yourself, put your best foot forward, and let your excitement shine through!
  • Relax! You won't be a good fit for every mission. Instead of completing every single opportunity that pops up, go for ones that really speak to your interests and knock those applications out of the park.

Who chooses if I get into missions? 

It depends! Sometimes a mission leader from dscout reviews your application, and other times a mission leader from a company working with dscout reviews it. But in either case, the person who reviews your application is looking for authenticity, creativity, attention to detail, and good camera work.

What happens once I'm invited to a mission? 

When you're invited to a mission, you'll get an email letting you know you've been selected. When looking at a mission in the dscout app, you'll be able to review what you're supposed to do in the overview, see how many parts will be required of that mission, submit entries, and ask your mission leader questions.

Who are mission leaders? 

Mission leaders are the folks in charge. They're the ones reviewing your entries and making sure you've completed everything you need to in order to be paid. They're also available in case you have questions that aren't answered in the mission overview or part instructions, or if you have trouble completing a mission. You can contact yours by tapping the "Messages" tab while viewing a mission.

Can other scouts see entries I submit? 


Where do the entries I submit go? 

The entries you submit in a mission are viewed by dscout and/or the company we're working with for that particular mission. We do not share your information publicly, unless you do such a good job we feel compelled to show off your ideas & experiences with the world (in which case we'll ask you for permission first).

What companies does dscout work with? 

We partner with all kinds of organizations, from top name brands you use every day to up-and-coming startups. (You can see a list of companies we've worked with on the dscout homepage.) Sometimes missions will indicate what company is working with dscout to conduct research, and other times organizations partnering with dscout will choose to remain confidential.

What does dscout stand for? 

It stands for digital scout. "Scout" refers to the way people use dscout to "scout out" new products and services ahead of the pack, and "digital" refers to the way they record their experiences and opinions (digitally, using the app).

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