Great research requires good questions and good participants. Our new invite process ensures you have both before you launch your research.

You will add scouts to your mission during the “Setup.” You will see that next to “Details” and “Questions”, there will be a new tab called “Invites”.

Our new invites process will help you confidently put research in the hands of your participants.

How do I invite scouts?

Under “Invites” you will see an invitation text box where you can craft your custom message that will be sent to your scouts along with our standard instructions for accessing the mission on the dscout app in the invitation email.

Here, you’ll want to write something that tells them what your mission will be about and what they should be expected to do--don’t forget, try to make it fun! Here’s a super helpful guide that can help you with inviting scouts who are new to dscout to your mission for the first time.

Underneath your custom message, you will be able to add scouts. You will see a big blue button that prompts you to “Add Scouts.” Once you click that button you will see a modal where you can add scouts manually, or from a previous mission.

Adding scouts manually is simple. You’ll enter them in the text area by the formula First Name, Last Name, Email--one per line. Alternatively, you can upload a CSV document of your list of scouts following the same formula.

If you’re inviting scouts from a previous mission, you’ll be able to find your mission from a list of your past missions, and then choose to include scouts who are marked as Mission Accomplished, or have submitted entries, or you can choose to include all of the scouts in the mission.

When you’ve finished inputting the scouts’ information, you’ll click “Add Scouts” to compile the list of scouts. You’ll have a chance to review this list before you launch your mission and send the invitations.

Once you’ve successfully added scouts, they will show up in the invitation list. The invites will be sent to this list when you click to launch your mission!

How do I add scouts from a screener?

In order to bring scouts to your mission from a screener, you should add them by visiting the “Applications” tab under your Screener and selecting the participants for your mission. Here’s a helpful link on how you can do that.

Got your details and questions, and invitation done? Now you’re ready to launch!

To launch a mission you need to have all of your details and questions ready, and at least one scout added to the invites. If you’ve got it all, the status bar will give you access to the button for launching the mission.

PRO TIP: The “Test Mission”  feature does not use the scouts that you add in the “Invite” tab.

When you hit Launch & Invite, you will arrive at a special modal where you can review your invitation message and list of scouts. At this point, you may click on “Launch,” and then the first part of your mission will be open! All of the scouts that you added will be invited to the mission, and will be able to start creating entries.

Adding more scouts once the mission is open

Once a mission is launched, and for as long as it’s open, you can return to the "Setup" tab, and access the “Invites” tab (Next to "Details" and "Questions") to continue to add more scouts.

There will be a new green button “Send Invitations”, in the invitation under “Scouts,” where you should click in order to invite the scouts you have added after the mission launched. Your invitation message from your last invitation wave will also be saved for you to re-use it.

Once you click on “Send Invitations” you get another special modal to review your invitation message and the scouts you’re adding to your open mission. 

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