Mission & Screener Builder Overview

We’re excited to introduce our new mission and screener builder! We made many changes and additions to the old builder to help streamline your research design process and give you more confidence. Learn more about the new builder below!

A few things to know:

  • Mission parts have been released! Divide your research mission into multiple parts, as unique tasks for scouts.
  • The updated builder has a plethora of new features: see the “scout’s view” while you design your research, export your research design, test before launch, easier editing, plus a brand new question type: screen recording.
  • We’re continuing to add and optimize features. Right now, we’ve got every feature you’re used to having except for one: the ability to use a question as an entry headline. In the meantime, entry titles will default to date submitted.
  • We love feedback! You can leave it here.

Key Changes and Features:

Check out the highlights:


When building your mission in the questions tab of the builder, you will now see that your mission is made up of parts. A mission can now have multiple parts (or just one if that’s all you need). Each part has its own instructions, unique questions, and a timeframe. You decide how many times each part is answered: just once or multiple entries over a period of time. To learn more about parts, read here.

Mission Testing

Accessible via the status bar, our new mission testing feature makes it easy to test and iterate on your research design and give collaborators or test subjects a chance to experience the study in the dscout mobile app. When you launch a test you have five days to accept, review and analyze the entries. At the end of the test the entries are erased so they don’t get mixed up with your real responses. You can test as often as you need and end a test at any time.

Details and Questions

We’ve streamlined and organized the steps required to design and deliver research in dscout. In the Details section, you can provide all the information required to deliver the research and instruct scouts (for missions and screeners) on one page. Likewise, you can easily switch to the Questions section to draft the questions you want to ask your scouts.

Skip logic

You can now add skip logic to every question type except Checkpoint. Likewise, you can now move questions without disrupting your skip logic. There is one exception. If you move a question with skip logic before the question it is associated with you will be prompted to delete the skip logic associated with the question.

You can skip logic within a part, but you cannot skip logic between parts.

Edit questions

Designing research is a dynamic process. Now you can change question attributes in multiple choice, media, and open ended questions. For example, you change a single select question to a multiple select with a single click.


Our preview feature allows you to gain a better understanding of how scouts will experience your research and thus, provides a richer context to your scouts’ experience. The preview helps you understand the length of your questions and choices on a mobile screen. It’s not meant to be a perfect representation of our mobile apps.


Now, it’s easier than ever to share your research design with colleagues and stakeholders. Our new PDF is a neatly formatted document and ideal for sharing and printing. The new RTF (Rich Text Format) is fully editable.

Status bar

The brand new status bar keeps you anchored while you build and manage projects. You’ll see helpful hints for fixing invalid details and questions, mission testing controls, exporting your research design, and the controls you’ll need to test, launch and close your projects.

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