How do I opt in to receive push notifications for dscout?

What are push notifications?

Push notifications are short temporary messages that appear on your mobile device. You can alter your notifications to fit your needs (e.g. show on a locked screen etc.) 

How to opt in for iOS

To view or change your settings for dscout, click on the Settings tab on your phone. Scroll down, locate, and click on the dscout app. Next, tap Notifications. This page will allow you to customize how you receive push notifications. Turn on “Allow Notifications” to start receiving opportunities from dscout.

How to opt in for Android

With Android, turning on push notifications will vary among devices. Most Android users should be able access their notifications by opening up the Settings tab, tapping Applications or App Manager, and clicking on the dscout app. Here, you can turn on the notifications to start receiving opportunities from dscout.

If you're having trouble turning on your notifications, contact us at for assistance. 

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