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  1. How to use the Screen Recording prompt
  2. Example use cases for Screen Recording 
  3. Have scouts upload their own Screen Recording

How to use the Screen Recording prompt

The Screen Recording prompt allows you to record up to two minutes of the scout’s screen as they interact with the content of a web link that you provide (only web based URLs will work for this). The recording provides a record of the touch interactions and has the option for voice recording at the same time. If the audio is turned on, transcriptions will also be provided in the entry. 

This type of question is considered a video question type so it cannot be used with another video or mixed media question in a mission. Simply enter in the text instructions in the Screen Recording Prompt, then enter in the URL that the scouts will be navigating to, and select if you want to record audio or not before hitting the "Save and Close" button.

Example use cases for Screen Recording prompt

  • Website review
    Screen recording is great for seeing things through the eyes of your participants. Have scouts visit your site and talk out loud about what stands out to them, both the good and bad. You can listen to their opinions while seeing exactly what they see in that moment.
  • Concept review
    Have a concept sketch you want to get feedback on? Load it on a website and send our scouts there. You'll be able to watch them explore the image, see what they zoom in on and what catches the eyes of your visitors.
  • Website navigation
    Curious about how scouts navigate your site? Give them a quick task (like finding a certain product) and send them to your homepage. You can watch in real time how they approach it on their phone, what they do first, and where they end up. Turn on audio recording and have them think out loud to get real time thoughts too.

Have scouts upload their own Screen Recording prompt

If you'd like scouts to capture their phone screen without providing a weblink, or to capture an in-app recording, scouts can upload their own screen recording. We recommend that scouts with access to iOS 11 or 12 use their device's native screen recording capabilities, while scouts with Android devices use a 3rd party app. Most screen recording apps will do the trick here, but we typically use the Screen Recorder - No Ads app. You'll also want to include instructions to equip scouts with the information they'll need to record their screen. We recommend including detailed copy in your part instructions (or as a single select question before the screen recording prompt). Please see examples of this copy below: 

Screen Recording on...

iOS 11 + 12: 

To record your screen with the native screen recording functionality on iOS, you'll need to use a device running iOS 11 or higher. If you're not running iOS 11 or 12, please follow the instructions below to upgrade your phone to the latest OS before enabling screen recording on your device: 

HOW: First, download and install the update on your phone to iOS 12 (Settings > General > Software Update). 

To enable screen recording on your device: go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls > select “Screen Recording,” before returning to your home screen to access the control center by swiping up/down on your screen. Firmly press and hold the “Record” icon (it’s a solid circle in another circle) until a screen asking you to “Start Recording” pops up! Make sure to enable your microphone by tapping the “Microphone Audio” icon (it’ll be red if it’s on), and then press “Start Recording!” 

Android (Screen Recorder - No Ads app):

To participate in this mission, we'll just need to make sure you're able to capture your screen. To do this, please download the Screen Recorder - No Ads app from the Play Store. From there, please follow these steps to record your screen:

1) Click on your new Screen Recorder app.

2) Select the blue "Play" button in the bottom right corner. 

3) A module will pop up on your home screen. Please select the red "Record" button on the far left side of the toolbar.

4) Select "Start Now."

From there, a countdown will begin before your screen recording begins. When you're ready to stop recording, simply navigate back to the Screen Recorder app and select the blue "X" button in the bottom right corner. 

You'll be able to view your video within your app + save your screen recording by selecting the button with 3 dots. From there, hop on over to your dscout app to upload your recording! 

After you've programmed the instructions, it's time to add your screen recording question! Select "Screen Recording" as your question type, before selecting "Scouts Upload their Own." 

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