Moving scouts from one mission to another

After inviting scouts to the first mission in your project, you'll view incoming entries and message them with encouragement, constructive criticism, and reminders as detailed in Tutorial 4: Managing Active Missions. If you need to utilize multiple missions to accomplish your research objective, here's how to move scouts from one mission to the next, seamlessly and painlessly.

PRO TIP: Before moving scouts from one mission to another, make sure to mark all the scouts you want to continue as "mission accomplished".

On the setup page of your new mission, you'll navigate to the Invites section as you did in your last mission. This time, when you click on "Add Scouts" you'll select "From Previous Mission." Find the mission in the list that pops up and then select "Mission Accomplished" from the dropdown menu.  You can also choose to to include those who have submitted entries, or you can choose to include all of the scouts in your previous mission. Once you've selected the right mission and scout status, click "Add Scouts" to import the list of scouts into your new mission. 

You'll be able to review your list of scouts before launching to be sure you have only those who are ready to be invited on this list. To remove a scout, just click the "X" symbol next to their name. When you're sure all the scouts listed are the ones you want to continue with, click "Launch Mission" at bottom to send the invitations as you launch the mission!

Adding more scouts once the mission is open

Once a mission is launched, and for as long as it’s open, you can return to the "Setup" tab, and access the “Invites” tab (Next to "Details" and "Questions") to continue to add more scouts.

You'll go through the same process to add more scouts, but this time there will be a new green button “Send Invitations”, in the invitation under “Scouts,” where you should click in order to invite the scouts you have added after the mission launched. Your invitation message from your last invitation wave will also be saved for you to re-use it.

Once you click on “Send Invitations” you get another special modal to review your invitation message and the scouts you’re adding to your open mission. 

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