Using the Manage page

Here's how to use dscout's Manage page to open mission parts and manage your scouts’ progress in real time.

Publishing & Opening Parts to Scouts

For multi-part automatic missions, subsequent parts will open automatically for the scout as soon as they finish the previous part. However, if you are running a manual mission you’ll use the manage page to manually control when parts open to scouts. Select one or more scouts on the manage page, and you’ll notice a toolbar with options dropdown from the header. Click on “Open Parts,” in order to open parts chronologically to scouts as you see fit.

If the part you're trying to open is greyed out and you can't click on it you'll need to return to the setup page to publish that part first by clicking the big green publish button after selecting the appropriate part. You may make changes to parts that have been published, you'll just need to then re-publish the part before you'll be able to open it to scouts.

Filtering Scouts By Their Progress

After launching a mission, dscout keeps track of your participants' progress. Each mission progress status is automatically applied (Invited, Accepted, Rejected…) except for "Mission Accomplished," which you need to apply manually on the table if you deem that your scout has successfully completed the mission.

  • Invited scouts have been sent an email invitation and been given access to your mission via the dscout iOS or Android mobile app.
  • Accepted scouts have logged into the dscout app, viewed your mission, then tapped "accept" to indicate they are game to participate!
  • Mission accomplished is the only progress status that is NOT automatically applied. It means a scout has submitted the min. # of entries required for each part, and a researcher has reviewed their data and deemed it accurate and thoughtful. Once scouts are marked as "mission accomplished" you can go ahead and pay them for completing your project successfully.
  • Rejected scouts viewed your mission in the dscout app, but tapped "not interested."

You can also track your scout's progress based on part progress.

In the Progress tab, you can select a mission part, and have two filter options to view that part’s progress: “In Progress” and “Min. # of entries”

  • In Progress means the scout’s entries are still in progress in the current part you’re filtered on
  • Min. # of Entries means the scout has completed the minimum amount of entries required for the part you’re filtered on

Creating groups and filtering scouts by groups

You can create scout groups using the sidebar in the Manage page. At the bottom of the sidebar, where you can filter by group, you also will see the option to create a group. Use groups to track segments of scouts.

Click on one or multiple scouts to highlight them on the table, then use the toolbar menu that appears below the table header to select a group (or groups) to which you'd like to add your scout(s).

Mission accomplished

Once a scout has submitted the minimum number of entries necessary to complete a mission AND you've reviewed those entries to ensure that they're on target, you'll mark that scout as mission accomplished. 

This is how you'll keep track of who should be invited to the next mission in your project, and which scouts will ultimately get paid. When you mark a scout as mission accomplished, they do NOT get notified and will still be able to participate until you close the mission.

After launching the next mission in your project, you'll typically only invite the scouts you've marked as "mission accomplished" to continue participating by following these steps.

Messaging Scouts

Each time you send a message to scouts, they'll receive an email and a notification (if they have notifications enabled.) Scouts can reply to you by tapping the "messages" tab in the dscout mobile app. (Here's what that looks like on iOS and Android.)

Direct Message

You can send a single scout a note by clicking the message icon on the top right of the screen and then selecting the scout you would like to message.

Group Message

You can also send a message to all of your scouts at once, to specific scouts that you can select on the table, to a specific group you've created, or to a segment of scouts based on their mission progress. Simply select the message icon on the top right of the screen, and select the scouts you would like to group message on the table. 

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