Testing your mission

Testing your mission from a scout's perspective before you start collecting data from research participants gives you the chance to double check your mission design and ensure you're set up for success. In the "Test" mode, you’re able to invite yourself and up to 4 other colleagues or friends to take your mission for a spin within 5 days. 

How this works

After building a dscout mission, you have the option to click on "Test Mission" in the lower right hand corner of your status bar in the Setup page prior to launching. You'll then be able to invite up to 5 testers. 

Once these folks are invited, they'll get an email from dscout with directions for downloading the dscout mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. They'll have 5 days to see exactly what your scouts will see and can even create entries in each part of your mission.

If you're happy with the mission design after trying it out, you can end the testing period manually in the Setup page by clicking on the "End Test" button in the lower right hand corner. Ending your test mission will delete all of the test data so that you can keep your mission data separate and clean. After you've confirmed that you'd like to end the test session, you'll see a "Launch" button in the same lower right hand corner.

Making changes to your mission

If, after testing your mission, you find opportunities to improve your mission design, you can still make changes. All you have to do is, navigate to the Setup page and click "End Test" in the lower right hand corner, make all the edits you'd like and then launch your new-and-improved mission! 

Skipping this option and launching immediately with participants

It's HIGHLY recommended that you at least invite yourself to test your mission before inviting all your participants. But if you use dscout regularly and don't want to try your mission out from a scout's perspective first, you can invite your scouts and launch your mission directly. 

Why you can't test drive with scouts

The first 5 people who test drive your mission need to be you (of course), colleagues, clients, or friends. Otherwise, we'd risk confusing scouts who have no way of knowing you're testing out your mission before inviting all of your participants. 

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