Using the iOS dscout app

From the dscout home screen, you'll see applications you're eligible for under the APPLY tab. To view research projects you've already been invited to, just tap MISSIONS. You can also:


This is where it all begins! Tap anywhere on the opportunity to see what a specific dscout project is all about. (And if you haven't downloaded dscout yet, you can watch this brief walkthrough video to see what the experience is like!)

Application Info

This is where you'll learn what's required to apply for a project, and what you can expect as a reward if you get selected and complete it. If an opportunity sounds like fun, go ahead and start your application!


Select the list icon on top right of the opportunities screen, next to the search bar, to uncover a running list of all your submitted applications, and select a specific one to view its status. Applications are "open" if scouts can still apply to it, and "closed" if they can't. If you've been selected to participate, your application will be marked as "accepted." But if it's still under review, it'll read "submitted." (If an opportunity has been closed for a week or so and you haven't been accepted, it's safe to assume you probably didn't get in this time around.) 

Missions and mission history

From the missions tab, you can take a look at current missions you've been invited to. Tap anywhere on the mission to view more details and any entries you have in progress, as well as create new entries for that mission. To see all the missions you've completed previously, just select the list icon next to the search bar on the mission screen.

Mission info and entries

When viewing a mission, tap on the dropdown arrow next to to the mission name to reveal more information like how many entries are required and how many days you have to complete the missions. To submit new entries, you'll tap on "New Entry" to answer and submit the mission questions. To review previously submitted entries, you can tap on the square icon for the entry you'd like to review to see the answers and media that you submitted.


Tap the circle icon on the top right of the screen to contact your mission leader. The number in the circle is the number of exchanged messages. Got a question or concern about this mission that isn't covered in the mission instructions? This is the place to ask! Your mission leader is the person running the show, and will have the answers you're looking for.


Make sure to completely fill out your scout profile–and keep it up to date–so we can send you the right applications.

Got a question about the app that isn't answered here? Take a look at getting started with dscout or drop our scout support team a line at

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