Understanding screener question types

You can ask scouts up to 15 questions in a screener, one of which can prompt scouts to take a picture or video. In addition, you can ask up to 5 pre-written questions asking for basic demographic information. 

You can include up to 3 knockout questions to automatically disqualify scouts based on their answer choice. These applicants will be skipped to the end of the screener and marked as “poor fit”.

Question Categories

  1. Media Questions: You can ask one media question per screener. Think of it as scouts' opportunity to audition for your project.
  2. Closed Ended Questions: Use single choice & knockout questions to disqualify unsuitable applicants.
  3. Open Ended Questions: Collect additional detail and context.

Question Types

  • Checkpoint - Give scouts a breather or additional context without asking a question.
  • Media - Select this question type then define what type of media you'd like within the question.
    • Video - Prompt scouts to take a video.
    • Photo - Prompt scouts to take a picture.
    • Mixed Media - Ask scouts to take either a photo or a video.
  • Open Ended - Select this question type then define how long the response can be within the question.
    • No Limit - No character limit for answers.
    • 140 Characters - Short response
  • Multiple Choice - Select this question type then define how many choices can be selected and if any should terminate.
    • Single Choice - Scouts can only check one answer.
    • Multiple Choice - Scouts can check as many answers as you allow.
    • Knockout - Toggle ON to make a question a knockout and select the answers that should terminate scouts who would absolutely not qualify for your mission(s).
  • Number - Scouts can type just about any number.
  • Scale Rating - Scouts can choose a number between 1 to 100 to rate the intensity of their feeling.
  • Screen Recording - A feature for dscout subscribers that allows you to record up to two minutes of the scout’s screen as they interact with the content of a web link. 
  • Demographic Questions - These don't count against the 15 question limit, & ask scouts about their:
    • Education
    • Employment status
    • Ethnicity
    • Household composition
    • Household income
    • Industry

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