Defining specs and setting participant expectations

Before writing the questions your participants are going to answer in a mission part, you'll be prompted to define the parameters of your mission and parts, and write an overview and overarching instructions for each part. This means you'll need to make the following (and other) decisions:

  • How many days do participants have to complete your mission?
  • Does one part comprise your entire research project, or does your mission need multiple parts?
  • How many days do participants have to complete each part of your mission?

Will your participants answer your mission part’s questions once (interview style) or multiple times in different contexts (diary style)?

Here are the steps you'll need to take to set the parameters of your mission:

  1. Define Mission Specs
  2. Write Your Mission Overview
  3. Define Part Names and Specs

1. Define Mission Specs

Mission Name

This is the title of your mission that scouts will see, so make it fun!

Job Code

Give your mission an internal nickname!

Scout Profile Required

Turn this option "ON" if you'd like to make sure scouts complete a profile consisting of their age, gender, home city and a profile picture. Turn this option "OFF" to make this optional.

Estimated Days per Scout in a Mission

This is where you'll estimate how many days your mission will take to complete (think about how many parts you will have and how long each part will take). Sometimes missions only stay open for 2-3 days, but they can last two weeks or more, depending on your needs and on how many parts you have. 

Hero Image

Pick one of our 21 hero images with which to customize your mission appearance on scout's phones! You can also upload an image of your own, just make sure you have the rights to use it for commercial purposes.

Number of Parts in a Mission

When designing your research, consider how you can divide your mission up with parts. A mission can have multiple parts (or just one if that’s all you need). Parts are helpful because:

  • Each part has its own instructions, unique questions, and a timeframe—Making it a unique task that your research is comprised of.
  • You can decide how many times you want the participants to submit answers to your part (an entry): just once, or multiple submissions over a period of time, like a diary study.
  • You can automatically move participants through the sequence of parts, chronologically. As they finish one part, the next part automatically opens up to them.
  • You can manually move participants through the sequence of parts, chronologically. You decide when it’s time to open a part for each participant.
  • Each mission can have up 10 parts! Each part can have a media prompt included and up to 20 questions, so you’ve got lots of latitude to gather the media and answers you need.

2. Write Your Mission Overview

When you build a mission, you'll write an overview with some instructions to help scouts understand what the mission is all about.

This is one of the most important parts of your project's design.

Start with 2-3 sentences that give the gist of the mission. Then, add 1-2 paragraphs outlining exactly what you’d like scouts to do. Explain what you’d like scouts to capture in their entries as well as the timeline, compensation and anything to avoid. Be sure to provide scouts with any important deadlines, whether the mission is manual or automatic.

3. Define Part Names and Specs

Part Names

You can also name each of the parts within your mission. If you have multiple parts, it’s a good idea to uniquely name them so participants can differentiate between them and easily keep track.

Minimum Entries per Scout in a Part

Once you've created your parts and written their questions (which can include up to 20 per part and up to 10 parts total), you'll need to decide how many times you'd like scouts to answer those questions, submitting an entry each time they do.

Letting scouts know the minimum number of entries required gives them a good idea of how much effort you're asking from them, but they can always submit more.

Estimated Days per Scout in a Part

Let scouts know how long they have to complete a part within your mission.

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